I have been using acupuncture as my primary health care since 1977 and was treated by many practitioners during that time. My experience with Margaret is among the best for many reasons.

She really listens and seems to pick up the underlying patterns in my body and mind that create what I experience. I feel like she is not just seeing my physical self but my psyche and spirit as well. She is always willing to explain things to me, giving me straightforward ways to understand what is happening that help me help myself to make change.

I always leave feeling more at ease and having learned something about my body and myself.
She is very professional, and she has a heart as big as the world. My health is improving and I feel more at home in myself.
— B. B.

I’ve been seeing Margaret for many years, probably 15 or so. To describe her as a skilled acupuncturist would only be part of what makes her so special. Her warmth and kindness is evident as soon as you meet her. The office is calm and serene and along with Margaret’s personality, immediately eases the stresses of the day. She always takes time before the treatment to talk and find out how I am and what I want from this acupuncture session. She is happy to address any concerns I may have or to answer any questions about acupuncture as they arise.
I find the acupuncture treatment itself to be a nurturing experience with Margaret. Although the specific needle points will differ for each person and often from treatment to treatment, her care and personal attention never waivers. She does a wonderfully soothing head massage she calls “zero balancing” near the end of the session that is so relaxing that I usually fall asleep. Acupuncture has helped me to feel calmer, energized, helped with headaches and a number of other issues.
Margaret brings a combination of tremendous compassion and expertise to her practice that has made that all possible. I am very grateful to her.
— P. G.

Margaret Ryding is an excellent acupuncturist. I first came to see Margaret in the late ’90s for a sinus infection. My recovery was far more rapid than I’d ever experienced with conventional methods involving medication. Margaret worked with me to make a number of diet and lifestyle changes to prevent the sinus infections from returning. Even beyond this initial problem, acupuncture has enhanced my health overall. I strongly recommend Margaret Ryding as a highly competent practitioner of the ancient art of acupuncture.
— H. S.

I highly, highly recommend acupuncture with Margaret Ryding. She takes the time each session to know about any feelings, pain, or life situation you’re going through to fully evaluate your needs. I’ve suffered through anxiety and depression most of my life. Since trying acupuncture for the first time (a year and a half ago) I’ve never felt better. I don’t feel the need to be on any anxiety medications. After a session of acupuncture I feel better results compared to any massage I’ve ever received. I sleep better. It’s helped me stay sane through some major life events (moving in with my boyfriend, planning a wedding, and was able to conceive after only trying for 2 months-at age 35.) I’ve had knee problems for 20 years and it’s helped manage my knee pain after having 4 surgeries. I could go on and on!
— R. K.

Acupuncture with Margaret Ryding made a huge difference in reducing the chronic inflammation, pain, and fatigue I had been living with for years. She helped me get my life back. She also helped me through a significant medical problem that ended up requiring surgery — that problem she couldn’t solve, but she could help keep me functional while others solved it. She is wise, gentle, and a real healer.
— L. K.

Although I don’t fully understand the mechanisms of acupuncture, I do know that after a treatment with Margaret, my body feels more aligned, more relaxed, and more at peace. She listens with her ears and hands. It’s very comforting being in her presence.
— C. P.

I started acupuncture with Margaret because I’d been diagnosed with endometriosis and wanted to try a more natural path than the surgery my doctor had recommended. With regular acupuncture and herbs, my endometrial cysts were either the same or smaller each time my doctor sent me for ultrasound. I have never had symptoms, and my doctor has reduced the frequency of the ultrasounds gradually based on the results so that I now go only every three years for a recheck. It’s wonderful to have avoided surgery, and I feel great.
— G. S.

Margaret works from a place of quiet and gentle understanding. Perceptive she always understands what is going on with me; she listens carefully, to my words and pulses. She senses my energy.

Intuition, coupled with remarkable technical skill, seemingly guides her acupuncture. Inevitably I am relaxed, and often asleep, by the end of a session. With time, I have come to appreciate the cumulative healing value of her many treatments. I have the utmost respect for Margaret, both as a practitioner
and a warm, caring friend.
— R. T.

After a treatment, I always feel more grounded, and more energized. Margaret works with thoughtfulness and focus. I always feel cared for and supported by Margaret’s presence and her work.
— B. W.

Acupuncture has gifted me with healing and balancing during the most stressful periods of my life - during grief, the loss of a job, and family crises. Acupuncture enabled me to live fully through these challenges while maintaining my own health, and an optimum level of energy and wellbeing. Margaret’s blend of clinical skills, wisdom, and compassion is the most healing I’ve ever experienced.
— J. C.

Acupuncture is amazing! It has helped me heal from depression, chronic muscle injuries, and general low immunity. The first year I received acupuncture treatments I went from an average of ten sick days a year to none. Margaret is particularly wonderful to work with. She is wise, warm, caring and very good at what she does. I cannot recommend this form of healing enough for many different types of problems.
— S. D.