Stress and anxiety during Covid-19

Acupuncture is a great solution during these challenging times. Life is more stressful now. With the threat of getting the virus every time we leave our house, go shopping or just try to live our life, many of us feel more stressed. Acupuncture can be a big help to ease our nervous system and allow us to find calm in our days again.

Acupuncture works by balancing our energy and maintaining equilibrium in our body. Instead of feeling heart palpitations from anxiety, we can instead take deeper breaths and quiet our worries. There are many acupuncture points that can be helpful now. One point called Yin Tan will help calm us and promote harmony and peace from within. Another point called Peaceful Calm can help ease anxiety and insomnia. 

Life will continue to be stressful but acupuncture treatments can help us manage it better. 

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