Summer Newsletter 2024

June 2024

Dear friend,

Happy Summer Solstice,

This is my favorite time of year. The long days of the summer solstice shine as roses, day lilies, clematis, and daisies bloom in our gardens. Fresh strawberries are in season as well as spinach, arugula, parsley, and lettuce. The abundance is rich and skies are blue. This is the glorious beginning of summer.

In Chinese medicine, this is the time of the Fire Element. Like a flower in bloom, we too are at the peak of our physical functioning during the Fire season. Fire energy is related to happiness, enjoyment, laughing, having fun, and playing. This is the time of year to find what makes us happy and do it. Joy, like fire, is ephemeral and expansive, warming us and bringing us light and laughter.

Eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cooling foods are cucumbers, watermelon, salads, lemons, limes, and herbs such as mint and lemon balm. Living in New England, we are all low in Vitamin D. Spend time in the sun, replenishing that necessary vitamin and source of energy.

Go outside and take in the glory of this season.

Happy summer to all.


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